Light Up 2019 (Hong Kong Documentary) DVD Jwith English Subittles (All Region) 燈亮時

Light Up 2019 (Hong Kong Documentary) DVD Jwith English Subittles (All Region) 燈亮時

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Light Up 2019 (Hong Kong Documentary) DVD with English Subtitles (All Region) 燈亮時

Director: Deniece Law 
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles : English,Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Duration : 73 mins
Disc Format : DVD 
System :  NTSC 
Sound System : Dolby Digital 5.1  
Screen Format : Widescreen
Release Date : 201--12-31


Synposis :

Prepare for an eye-opening look at a truly barrier-free theater troupe in Hong Kong. Carrying a message of inclusivity, the troupe welcomes aspiring performers with disabilities – including the blind and the deaf – to perform alongside able-bodied actors. Capturing a year in the life of the troupe, this documentary reveals the long and arduous process required to guide the performers from basic drama training to the stage. The actors, many of them non-professionals, are often challenged to break free of both their mental and physical barriers on the stage and in real life – a process that can be emotionally taxing.


視障人士 Joanna 和 King 面對不能逆轉的視力衰退,內心一直耿耿於懷;自小已聽不見聲音的包包無法用言語跟人溝通,卻希望有朝一日用說話感動他人;因大腦麻痺症而要坐輪椅的 Hazel 長期忍受身體痛楚,更一度失去人生方向。四人的生命不乏困難與障礙,卻共同覓得一個釋放自己的出口……「演出」,讓他們有力量繼續走下去。