Occupant 靈氣迫人1984 (Hong Kong Movie) DVD with English Subtitles (Region 3)
Occupant 靈氣迫人1984 (Hong Kong Movie) DVD with English Subtitles (Region 3)

Occupant 靈氣迫人1984 (Hong Kong Movie) DVD with English Subtitles (Region 3)

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 Occupant 靈氣迫人1984 (Hong Kong Movie) DVD with English Subtitles (Region 3)

Director : Ronny Yu
Cast : Chow Yun Fat, Sally Yeh, Raymond Wong
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles : English, Traditional Chinese, Simplfied Chinese
Duration : 96 mins
Disc Format : DVD
System : NTSC
Released Date: 2019-10-25
Sound System : Dolby Digital 5.1
Screen Format : Widescreen
Publisher : Panorama H.K

Wide-eyed Canadian college student Angie (Sally Yeh) comes to Hong Kong to do some field research for her study of Chinese superstitions. She gets a bit more than she bargained for when she rents an apartment haunted by the spirit of a spurned singer. As if fending off ghosts wasn't bad enough, Angie also has to deal with the unwanted affections of a sleazy con-man (Raymond Wong, All's Well Ends Well), as well as the sweet-talking detective (Chow Yun Fat) who vows to solve her supernatural case. Chow requires a little otherworldly help of his own after Angie's body is taken over by the ghost, who's hell-bent on reenacting the murder-suicide that ended her life!

留學加拿大的 Angie(葉蒨文 飾)回港旅遊,並為畢業論文「中國迷信」搜集資料,途中巧遇 Hansom(黃百鳴 飾)並介紹入住一間神秘大宅。Angie 為了趕走 Hansom 而扮鬼嚇他。怎料假鬼引來真鬼,Hansom 竟被一神秘艷鬼扔出窗外!探員發仔(周潤發 飾)上門調查,並揭發了當年歌星羅麗莎(麥潔文 飾)槍殺其情夫後自殺之真相。
Region 1: U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada, and Bermuda

Region 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East, including Egypt

Region 3: Southeast Asia, East Asia, including Hong Kong

Region 4: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean

Region 5: Eastern Europe, Baltic States, Russia, Central and South Asia, Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia

Region 6: China