A City Called Macau 媽閣是座城 2019 (Mandairn Movie) DVD with English Subtitles (Region 3)

A City Called Macau 媽閣是座城 2019 (Mandairn Movie) DVD with English Subtitles (Region 3)

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A City Called Macau 媽閣是座城 2019 (Mandarin Movie) DVD with English Subtitles (Region 3)

Cast :  Bai Baihe, Huang Jue, Wu Gang, Liang Tian
Director : Li Shao Hong
Languages : Cantonese
Subtitles : English,Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Duration : 127 mins 
Disc Format : DVD
Format : NTSC
Screen Format : Widescreen 
Sound System : Dolby Digital 5.1
Release Date : 2020-12-31
Distributor: Panorama (H.K)
With a history of 400 years, Macau is a city that has seen tremendous changes. In this city, Mei Xiao-ou (Bai Baihe) meets three men that will change her life forever.

Xiao-ou once gave everything to Lu Jin-tong. But when she realizes that he’ll never quit gambling, she escapes to Macau with their new-born son in search of a new life. Armed with newfound courage and tenaciousness, Xiao-ou becomes a client servicing manager in a casino, taking care of high rollers from Mainland China. On the eve of Macau’s historic handover back to China, Xiao-ou meets Kevin Duan, a hugely successful businessman who gives her a major boost in her career. She hopes that she can count on Kevin as a partner in life and in work, but she never finds the sense of security she needs from him.

Witnessing one gambler after another fall into the trap of addiction, the disillusioned Xiao-ou is all but ready to give up on love. But when sculptor Shi Qi-lan enters her life, she decides to put her heart on the line once more – only to find herself a pawn in another high-stakes game.
澳門,又稱媽閣,這座有四百年殖民史的夢幻之城,經歷過翻天覆地的歷史變遷,身在其中的梅曉鷗(白百何 飾),遇見了改寫她一生的三個不同尋常的男人。

少不經事的梅曉鷗曾為愛情奮不顧身,卻被賭徒前夫拿來當籌碼,跌入人生低谷的她帶著肚子裡的孩子在澳門找到了短暫的安穩,她以女性特有的膽識在賭場裡與各類賭徒周旋,用冷靜果敢甚至絕情武裝自己。澳門回歸前夕,已是娛樂城客戶經理的梅曉鷗迎來了她人生中的第二個男人 ── 段凱文。極懂女人的段凱文在事業上給了梅曉鷗巨大的幫助和支持,還常常給她帶來各種驚喜和意外,她幾乎以為這個生活和生意的夥伴是她的歸宿。但在心靈深處,曾深受情傷的梅曉鷗卻始終沒有在段凱文身上找到那份真正的安全感。

Region 1: U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada, and Bermuda

Region 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East, including Egypt

Region 3: Southeast Asia, East Asia, including Hong Kong

Region 4: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean

Region 5: Eastern Europe, Baltic States, Russia, Central and South Asia, Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia

Region 6: China