Melody 兩小無猜 1971 Alan Parker (BLU-RAY) English Movie (Region A)
Melody 兩小無猜 1971 Alan Parker (BLU-RAY) English Movie (Region A)

Melody 兩小無猜 1971 Alan Parker (BLU-RAY) English Movie (Region A)

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Melody 兩小無猜 1971 Alan Parker (BLU-RAY) English Movie (Region A)

Director : Waris Hussein
Cast : Mark Lester, Tracy Hyde ,Jack Wild ,Sheila Steafel
Language : English
Subtitles : English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Disc Format : Blu-Ray
System : NTSC
Sound System : Dolby Digital
Screen Format : Full HD 1080 Widescreen
Duration : 107 mins
Release Date : 2017-10-27
Publisher : Panorama (HK)

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Synopsis :

This romantic story is told through the viewpoint of the children in the story, the adults playing only supporting roles. Daniel Latimer (Mark Lester) befriends the troublesome Ornshaw (Jack Wild). However, when Daniel falls in love with Melody Perkins (Tracy Hyde), the boys' friendship becomes jeopardized, as Ornshaw grows jealous of the amount of time that Daniel gives her. Initially embarrassed by the attention, Melody comes to return Daniel's feelings, and the couple announce to their parents that they want to get married. Not sometime in the future, but now. The adults attempt to dissuade them, but Daniel and Melody's determination leads Ornshaw to have a change of heart. Their classmates gather together at one of the children's hideouts to 'marry' the couple, with their discovery leading to a final showdown between children and teachers.

Daniel(麥李斯特 飾)是一個英國小學男童,生於小康之家的他乖巧聽話,同時也有叛逆的一面。他的摯友Ornshaw(積懷德 飾),卻是一個叛逆乖張、專門搗蛋的小孩,他們一起度過了許多美好的放學時光。天真可愛的Melody(杜麗絲海德 飾)跟Daniel讀同一所小學,某一天在舞蹈室偶遇而相識


Region A: This region covers all of North America, South America and South East Asia.

Region B: This encompasses Europe, Africa, Middle East, French territories and Greenland.

Region C: Region which covers the rest of the world including Russia, Asia, and China