Mortuary Blues 屍家重地 1990 (Hong Kong Movie) BLU-RAY with English Sub (Region A)

Mortuary Blues 屍家重地 1990 (Hong Kong Movie) BLU-RAY with English Sub (Region A)


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Mortuary Blues 屍家重地 1990 (Hong Kong Movie)  BLU-RAY with English Sub (Region A)

Cast: Corey Yuen Kwai, Sandra Ng, Lowell Lo
Director :  Jeff Lau Chun Wai
Language : Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles : English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
System : NTSC
Disc Format : Blu-Ray
Screen Format : 1920 x 1080 Full HD
Sound System :  PCM 2.0 
Duration : 103 mins
Release Date : 2020-11-14
Publisher : Panorama HK

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On a remote island off Hong Kong, its rich and happy inhabitants are celebrating an annual ritual by staging an operatic show. The island is not productive but its people are rich. No wonder police chief becomes suspicious. He thinks he is sitting on top of a narcotics ring. His two men are ordered to watch closely movement of the opera people. Little does the chief know that actually the islanders are living off the loot their ancestors made by raiding a government gold galleon some centuries ago. They buried much of the treasure and a dormant vampire under a pagoda...

一個偏僻的漁村,村民不事生產卻生活富裕,引起了警 長的懷疑。另一邊廂,一花旦得到藏寶圖,與團中的教師聯 手尋寶。原來在三百多年前,該村祖先殺掉一艘載貢品官船 上的人,吞掉所有的金銀珠寶,但卻弄醒了一條秦屍,幸得 道長的鍾馗寶劍收服秦屍,並把秦屍、珠寶和所有的屍體藏 在一塔內。 當眾人尋寶到該塔時,卻誤放秦屍出關,殺害 了村民。


Region A: This region covers all of North America, South America and South East Asia.

Region B: This encompasses Europe, Africa, Middle East, French territories and Greenland.

Region C: Region which covers the rest of the world including Russia, Asia, and China