An Autumn's Tale 秋天的童話 1987 Hong Kong Romance Comedy

An Autumn's Tale 秋天的童話 1987 Hong Kong Romance Comedy
The ‘Sanpan’, means a small fishing boat in Hong Kong, is the nickname of Chow Yun Fat in the story. His nickname reveal his character of free style, wilfulness, blunt and comic.
Do you like ‘Roman Holiday’ (1953, Audrey Hepburn) ?  Our recommended romance in this blog comes with similar resonance. The story of the affair is even much closer to you.
A young Chinese girl (acted by Cherry Chung), goes aboard to take University at New York. She was innocent in taking care of herself while she was just adapting her living there. At the same time, she was longing to meet her boyfriend (acted by Danny Chan) flying to New York. She counted on him. Both are educated, western style Chinese, and with the like social level.
Another guy ’Sanpan' (acted by Chow Yum Fat) picked up her when she first arrived New York. He was taking care of her living for her relatives.  A ordinary worker, not educated but very optimistic and funny, fill up her loneliness and helplessness during her new life in the new city. ’Sanpan’ named her ‘Trouble’ as she bring him much in spite of his dedication to her happiness.
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The film won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Film, Best Cinematography (James Hayman and David Chung) and Best Screenplay (Alex Law), Chow was nominated for Best Actor for three films that same year, but won for his performance in Prison on Fire. On the other hand, Chow won his second Golden Horse Award for Best Actor for his role in this film in 1987. Cherie Chung was nominated for Best Actress and Lowell Lo was nominated for Best Original Score, respectively. The film was ranked #49 on the Hong Kong Film Awards' Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures.
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