HE is going to attend the wedding banquet of his secondary schoolmate. Presenting in a thankful way, a heart-breaking statement of “My love one got married but the groom is not me” be the starting theme of the story. He dressed a tuxedo watching in front of mirror gracefully. Then the camera spot to a secondary school uniform, with many pen markings at the back of the shirt, hanging in his room.  The story is delivered in flashback to the high school days.

During the class, she alerts him with her pen pointing to the back of his shirt if he did not attend to listen. He kept this shirt for long until her wedding, this was spot at the first scene of the movie. Once in the school days, he is going to profess his love to her. Just before she answered ‘Do’, he run away because he is afraid of ‘NO’. He then joined the school underground fighting club somehow to release his emotion and prove his strength to her. They entered different Universities in different states. On a night with a full moon, he phoned her. She picked up while she was hanging out with another one. The last conversation is that even though they are far apart but just like be with each other when both watching the same moon.

As female audiences, you will be recalling of so many boys or any particular one has ever expressing subtly his love to you. Probably he is vulnerable, or childish, or not an evil to be your puppy lover. He may behave in a naughty way to draw your attention. Would he taking any chance to protect you since he is pleasured to be accredited by you. She, a honor student, forget to bring the text book. He lend her his book. Then he endures a long lecture and punishment. She was impressed by the generosity of him. In return, she promised tutoring him for examination. It is no more romantic than when teenagers swapping between studying and dating. Somewhat you may find yourself.

The plot of the movie can touch most of you who have ever been teenage. The touching line is not how romantic they are. Even it is unfit to describe it a youth romance movie. But it will drive you back to the time. So many scenes recalled you the same happenings at your school days as if you are the main actor. If you are a boy or man whatever your age, the main male character represents your innermost heart, feeling, braveness, passion to a very popular girl classmate who you are so adored……..

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