The Swimmers 游魂惹鬼 2014 Horror (Thai Movie) BLU-RAY with English Subtitles (Region A)

The Swimmers Horror ghost

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The Swimmers 游魂惹鬼 2014 Horror (Thai Movie) BLU-RAY with English Subtitles (Region A)

Cast : Chutavuth Pattarakampol, Thanapob Leeratanakachorn
Director : Sophon Sakdaphisit
Language: Thai, Cantonese
Subtitles : English,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese
Duration : 112 mins
Disc Format : Blu-Ray
System : NTSC
Sound System : dts HD Master Audio 5.1
Screen Format : 1920 x 1080 Full HD
Release Date : 2014-11-28
Publisher : Vicol Entertainment (H.K)


The mysterious about two swimmers, Perth (Chutavuth Pattarakampol) and Tan (Thanapob Leeratanakajorn) who's best enemy and true friend. They efforts race to quotas for university. Although Perth's trying to do but he can't beat Tan's talent. Including about secretly love between Perth and Tan's girlfriend, Ice (Supassra Thanachat) which she has feelings for him as well.
But then, Ice committed suicide with mystery in the pool. Perth's secrets were revealed because of something terrible. Including Tan's feud who wants revenge for his girlfriend.

水底之下,叫天不應,叫地不聞!> 柏(MARCH Chutavuth Pattarakampol)和阿丹(TOR Thanapob Leeratanakachorn)是游泳校隊的宿敵,柏的 比賽成績一直未能超越阿丹,但私底下他們是好朋友。背地 裡,柏愛上阿丹女友阿愛(KAO Supassara Thanachart),阿愛亦對柏頗有好感。直至一天,阿愛在大 學泳池自殺,阿丹因此大受打擊變得消沉退出泳隊,柏順其 自然成為大學泳隊代表。得來不易的機會,柏每晚獨自在大 學泳池練習,希望獲取最佳成績,阿丹查出阿愛死前已懷 孕,他將會不惜代價找出罪魁禍首報復。 愛能否戰勝仇 恨?

Region A: This region covers all of North America, South America and South East Asia.

Region B: This encompasses Europe, Africa, Middle East, French territories and Greenland.

Region C: Region which covers the rest of the world including Russia, Asia, and China