Nanami is ordinary lady. She is a partime secondary school teacher leading an aimless life and apathetic but longing for a relationship. One day she was dressing pleasantly waiting at a street, for an online guy, Testuya, who connected her on a new social media. They begin dating and quickly become engaged. Testuya was grown in a traditional family and would like to have a decent wedding. When Testuya asked Nanami for more attendees from her families, she cannot help but come into a creative idea. She reaches out an online friend, Amuro, who proclaimed an all-trade agent. He hires people to act as relatives of Nanami.

Few weeks after wedding, Nanami discovered a female ring at home and wondering her husband has an affair. She finds Amuro again. This time is a detective services. At the same time, Nanami’s mother-in-law who reluctantly agreed their marriage, would like to trap Nanami into a betrayal marriage so that his son will divorce with her. The innocent Nanami never knows that her hiring Amuro as detective, coincidently helping her mother-in-law to trap her with ease.

Heartbrokenly, Nanami was expelled from her husband and get back to oneself. Amuro offers her a partime job. It is to act as relatives of his customer in a wedding ceremony. Nanami feel funny as she has ever been hiring others in her wedding. During the event, Nanami meet another girl who is also one of the fake relatives hired by Amuro. The girl loves Nanami very much. She comes in time to fill up Nanami’s loneliness and cheer up Nanami. They become close friends. They hang out, drink, and chat. However, the girl never opened the bottom of her heart to Nanami. The story later revealed that the girl is a pron actor and was repelled from her families too.

Amuro offers Nanami a house keeping job in a big old country house. The interior of the house is gorgeous but it is very messy inside. The plot of the movie is suddenly more complicated and intriguing. At the second floor of the house, there is a big bedroom in which there are plenty of cloths hanging over there. And beside the bed, there are few fish tanks having some poisonous marine life. Through Nanami has good times at there. But Nanami soon realizes that Amuro, the country house, and the girl are not what they apparently behaved.

Lead Actress : 黑木華, Kuroki Haru

Director : 岩井俊二, Iwai Shunji

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