April And The Extraordinary World 2015 French Animation Movie

April And The Extraordinary World 2015 French Animation Movie

It is a French animated, science fiction adventure film, which won the ‘Best Animated Feature Firm in the 41th Cesar Awards. To start with the story, during 18thcenturies, the French Emperor Napoleon III would like to produce invulnerable super soldiers. He trapped scientist Gustave to invent it. During the course of experiment, a creature produced as an ever-lasting life. When the emperor visited the lab, however he is not satisfied with the result and orders his lead Bazaine to shoot the scientists. But the creature escaped thus causing an explosion. Scientists and emperor are killed.

After that, the successor of the king continues to seek for a clue of an ever-lasting life. The renowned scientists such as Einstein and Fermi were caught for working on a serum. At the same time, the King keeps on pursing the offspring of Gustave, hoping that the mysteries of the serum were kept. The King’s man hires an intelligence theft, Julius, to survey the living of the great granddaughter of Gustave, April.  Julius’s duties are not only to tail April but also to ensure her not being caught by police though April sometimes will steal for livings in order to hidden her invention.

This movie is a kind of irony to the modern world. When human pursue their powers and civilization, it is at the expense of natural resources and intelligence of mankind. The story described the city burning wood when the coal runs out. A satire of extreme that only 1 tree remains in the whole county and it was planting in a museum. Following with April is a talking cat named Darwin.  Darwin is aging and live dying.  When April barely produced the serum but failed, she was so upset and suddenly broken a glass snowglobe which was left by her mom. The liquid spill out from the snowglobe and was dip by the talking cat Darwin. Darwin miraculously awakened and being young again.

April does not discover that she and Darwin is under surveillance by a robotic rat, which is remote controlled by King’s man. The robotic rat captured the revival of deadly Darwin.   King’s man would start to catch April with the snowglobe because they find the desired serum is inside the snowglobe. Julius helps April to escape. Eventually, April was caught but she hears the sound of her parents and her grandfather. All scientists were gated to study a mysterious ecosystem underneath the ocean. In spite of the power of human, a group of strange monster soldiers are the ultimate authority of the undersea world. The monster soldiers would like to carry all the living thing with the ever-lasting life serum, then take off the giant ecosystem rocket to other planets, terraforming to escape the human wars, pollution and violence.

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