Okinawa Rendez-Vous 戀戰沖繩 2000 (Hong Kong Movie) BLU-RAY with English Sub (Region A)

Okinawa Rendez-Vous 戀戰沖繩 2000 (Hong Kong Movie) BLU-RAY with English Sub (Region A)

Loving this romance comedy because it is consist of thief movies element. The story covered the contest between two men, a cop and a thief. During their catch up, at the same time both attracted by a pretty woman who was accidentally involved in their actions of a bank robbery.

Leslie Cheung* played a big thief ‘TANG’, he and his partner were taking vacation at Okinawa and wanted by Hong Kong Police Force. An ordinary Hong Kong constable, who was also going Okinawa for holiday with his finance, accidentally identified them. Tony Leung Ka-fai* played a police cop ‘LO’ decided to take this opportunity to do a big deal of catching two big thieves. LO pretended as if a bad guy approaching TANG and his partner. LO wanted to trap them by proposing a joined action of a bank robbery. A small bank was located in residential area and it was just a wall separated with a residential flat.

The flat was living by JENNY*. She was a girlfriend of a trial big brother ‘SATO’. Shestole SATO’s a great amount. The amount was prepared by her boyfriend SATO to pay for the two big thieves TANG.  JENNY escaped from SATO’s gang and during her course of hiding in the airport, LO covered up JENNY and loving this lady by that time.  While Jenny was working at a café of Sailing club at Menza beach Okinawa, at where TANG always visited. TANG would like to date the same pretty Jenny. 

TANG promised the deal with LO. They would rob a small local bank and started to survey the environment, figuring how to break into the residential flat attached the target bank. Surprisingly, flat has JENNY living there.TANG and LO worked out that if they could lead JENNY out of the flat for few hours for 2 consecutive nights, they can then rush into the bank by breaking a hole on wall between the flat and the bank. 

LO seized the chance to propose that he should be responsible to lead JENNY out of the flat, which is hanging out with JENNY. TANG with his partner were taking their skilled role of breaking the bank’s wall.  TANG was so envy with LO’s spending with JENNY, so cannot help leaving down his work. On another hand, LO’s finance was fed up with LO’s negligence and went out nightlife. By then meeting SATO, who feel sorrow for being cheat by her girlfriend, JENNY.   Each of the characters seeking romance and pay no attention to original plan.

The film took many scenic spots of Okinawa, the cliffs and lighthouses. The beaches, resorts, and the distinguishing feature of homestay streets are explored in the film. All of these may lead audience to a holiday mood and involved in the romance lines of each characters.

The three HK superstars filming the movies;

*Leslie Cheung, a legend singer and movie star in nineties. 

  • HK Film Award for Best Actor 1991– ‘Days of Being Wild’
  • HK Film Award for Best Original Song 1995 – ‘Chase’
  • HK Film Award for Timeless Artistic Achievement 2004

*Tony Leung ka-fai

  • HK Film Award for Best Actor 1984, 1993, 2005, 2012
  • HK Film Best Supporting Actor 2004

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