The Eternal Zero (Japanese Movie) BLU-RAY with English Subtitles (Region A ) 永遠之0

The Eternal Zero (Japanese Movie) BLU-RAY with English Subtitles (Region A ) 永遠之0
The story happened during the battle of Midway between Japan and America in the 2nd world war.  The male lead (Kyuzo Miyabe) was a trainer of the air force team for Japan at the frontline. And his attacking skill in the air was outperformed his teammates so that he always shot down others virtually drilling war drilling. Though there always exist hero in war movies that one would die at last, but this movie flowed differently.
“I will keep my promise” was a statement made by Miyabe to his wife, and this was the main line of romance. It is so surprising ending for how did he keep his promise in a way that it cannot be expected. Extremely touching and will drive your mercy. Buddy of Miyabe, Kenichiro, visited Miyabe’s wife after the war. Inherited by his master Miyabe’s spirit with his soul, Kenichiro in love with her. All were planned by Miyabe including leaving the life of Kenichiro during the last battle was planned either.
The character, Miyabe did not agree with the mission of ‘die with a glory’. By the time when the Japan was at disadvantage or can be described as barely fail in the battle, the senior command them to commit the suicide attack to a main aircraft carrier. He trained his subordinates to protect himself either in the air battle as well as when following command.
Many scenes of air battles were fascinating. One fighter should cover up his teammate by side tracking the cannon so that another fighter can fly as close as possible to the aircraft carrier then shooting to severe damage. Another scene taking Miyabe in the sky, he was followed by enemy fighter which was targeting his plane from the back. In no time, he descended with deceleration, then flied up to the back of the enemy fighter. All of a sudden the enemy fighter become his target in front of him.
Despite some of modern criticizing that Japan’s militarism was the cause of the 2nd World War in Asia Pacific region, the mostly Japan civilians were no exemptions on suffering the like in the war. This movie revealed the struggle of Japanese when choosing between scarifying for his country or for his family sake. The love of Miyabe to his wife further enriched the story and your resonance.
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